Our mission is to make the best protective products, as well and efficiently as we can (WCM). Our products are intended to protect concrete ( concrete protection ) and steel constructions ( linings en coatings, ) against chemical corrosion, thereby extending their useful life (life cycle).

Our point of departure is the achievement of excellent performance in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Incafin nv is also firmly committed to reducing its environmental footprint.


The protection systems we make at Incafin nv are manufactured using the best available technology (BAT) and in a way that is technically and economically responsible. Our ultimate aim is to make minimal use of raw materials in order to continue to reduce the environmental footprint and extend the life cycle analysis (LCA) of the structures we treat. Our commitment to further optimizing the properties of our protective products adds societal value to Incafin nv. After an initial introductory meeting we draw up a customer-specific project proposal based on the nature of the customer’s profile and our own corporate objective.