Applications in chemistry - Loading and unloading docks

Loading and unloading docks have to, apart from the liquid tightness aspect, meet high mechanical demands. The absorption of liquids (chemical products) to which the concrete coating or the concrete lining has to resist is a determining factor for the liquid tightness that needs to be guaranteed. Mechanical load of trucks cannot be neglected in this aspect.

A good permanent adhesion to the subsoil is of great importance and will jointly determine the durability of your concrete coating. The expansion coefficient under variable temperatures has to be minimal in order to comply herewith. The abrasion resistance is also a parameter that has to be taken into account in order to guarantee the liquid tightness.

A certificate of liquid tightness can be issued by an independent office after application. This certificate is based on a technical test after placement. The tests are performed by a therefore recognised lab and formalised by an independent authority. This certificate can be used for institutions of the likes of AMINAL.

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