Applications in chemistry - Storage tanks

Storage tanks, both underground and above, are expected to have a long lifecycle. Many tanks, however, do not and fail because of corrosion, leading to loss of the tank's content and environmental pollution.

Detecting corrosion soon enough is simple but the costs made by corrosion damage can run up high, which is why one has to investigate the risk beforehand, and based on this, provide an efficient corrosion protection. The degeneration of the subsoil is to be avoided. The composition of the liquids, as well as the storage temperature and the concentration of one of the parameters are of importance to be able to offer a right, durable solution.

The influence coefficients as well as the PH value are amongst other: the possibility for aeration, the presence of possible aerobic bacteria in case of waste water. An adequate solution can be offered after all information has been provided.

Storage tanks