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Certificate of impermeability

The Incaline® product ensures watertight protection. After the coating’s application, an independent accredited laboratory carries out permeability testing. ‘Permeability certification’ is available on request for an additional fee.

What is a ‘certificate of impermeability’?
A ‘certificate of impermeability’ for a 10-year period is only valid when this document is issued by an independent agency. The insurance company requests certification from the agency, which issues this. The independent agency must have the necessary policy for this and this falls under a specific policy number. This ‘certificate of impermeability’ gives the client the guarantee that the protection system is impermeable in both the short and long term. After an extensive test procedure by an independent and accredited laboratory, the agency issues a certificate of impermeability on behalf of the insurance company, stating the test results. This certificate can be submitted at any time to the inspection body that is responsible for granting the operating licence.

Vlarem stipulates that an inspection must be carried out by an independent party every five years. This must also be recorded in writing with the assessment of the expert.

The purpose of this certificate is to ensure that the independent expert is informed by the installer in the event of issues with moisture penetration so that he can find a solution, possibly in consultation with the installation company. If the installation company goes bankrupt, the necessary repair is carried out by a third party, after which a new guarantee is offered on the impermeability of the system.


Measurement of water absorption over a period of 72 hours at a pressure of 7 bar:

After 24 hoursAfter 48 hoursAfter 72 hours
Core 100<0.5
Core 200<0.5
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