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At Incafin nv we never compromise on our core value: quality. This is applicable to both product an the services we deliver. We are convinsed about that. We want to prove that, next to the perfect product properties and the existing certificates, by expanding our mount of certificates.

Incafin nv is a company belonging to Kwakernaak Holding B.V.
Kwakernaak Holding has more operating companies. These have many necessary certificates like ISO, Safety, Envrionment and various BRL certificates. In addition to this certificates, they achieved the highest level for Social Entrepeneurship Performance (PSO)

In 2021, the certificates will be accommodated to the Holding. This means that all the working companies will be integrated in the certificates structure, including Incafin nv. De BRL certificates will exist, seperate for every working company.

Incafin nv will in 2021 achieve their own certificates for BRL K19004 which means that there will be an extra quality assurance about protection on mineral surfaces.

Incafin nv already has a product certificate for BRL-K19006.

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