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Application: Wastewater industry

Incaline®, a synthetic fibre-reinforced, solvent-free epoxy, was developed in-house by Incafin NV. This lining has proven its effectiveness for over 30 years as a fully fledged technique for well renovation (sewer renovation). The Incaline® lining system is not susceptible to moisture, has a high resistance against water pressure from the outside and good chemical resistance.
As a result, this system can be easily applied in existing sewerage systems and water treatment plants.

New-builds Preventive application of Incaline® coating
Incaline® is used for the renovation of sewerage systems but is also applied in new-build projects where there is a risk of attack from chemicals, including (biogenic) sulphuric acid.

Separate sewerage systems (discharge of rainwater and discharge of our household wastewater), in which the concentrations of these detergents and similar agents are higher because they are not diluted with rainwater, explain why these structures require durable protection. Given that ecology and sustainability are becoming increasingly important, applying this protection is not a luxury but a necessity.

Such systems can be pre-emptively protected with Incaline®. The added cost of applying Incaline® in new-builds is offset by the final cost of the entire project, in addition to the fact that this significantly extends the project’s life span.

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