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Application: Biogas industry

Biogas refers to the generation of energy from organic matter. It is an important source of renewable energy, making it a valuable resource. An additional benefit is that it also reduces the amount of organic waste, benefiting the environment.

In addition to the actual biogas, co-fermentation installations also produce corrosive byproducts during the fermentation process. The concrete cellars or storage tanks used in biogas production can be constructed from various organic materials. The fermentation process generates a variety of byproducts such as sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, ammonium, hydrogen, nitrogen, volatile fatty acids, alcohols and sugars. It is advisable to include such considerations in the structures’ design and total budget in order to avoid costly repairs later on and to extend the service life. Building in suitable protection for concrete parts of a fermentation installation isn’t just a nice extra, it’s a requirement.

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