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Flexural modulus3,6 GPa
AdhesionMin. 1.5 N/mm² (concrete fracture)
Impact resistance> 13 KJ/m²
Chemical resistanceNo changes (pH 3) No changes (pH 13)
Temperature resistance-40°C tot +150°C
Barcol hardness> 40
Stretch at breaking point> 4%
Densityapprox. 1.7 g/dm³

Sealcoat® , a polymer system, is the trade name for a vinyl ester coating developed by Incafin nv. The Sealcoat®formula uses the very latest, new and best available technology (BAT) and is ideal for coating of industrial floors, whether reinforced or not. Sealcoat® is a two component product ( based on vinyl ester resin and the catalyst MEKP).

Sealcoat® is highly resistant to chemical products ( organic and inorganis acids, alkaline products , alkaline salts and numerous solvents).
Incafin’s Sealcoat® range includes ” Sealcoat® concrete primer”, “Sealcoat® steel primer” , Sealcoat® VE ( with avinyl ester resin formula) and ” Sealcoat® Topcoat”.
Sealcoat®’s Outstanding properties.

Sealcoat is diffusion-tight and has a vapour-tightness that is up to three times higher than that of polyester resin based systems. Likewise, with Sealcoat®, the risk of hydrolysis is non-existent, unlike in the case of polyester resin.
Sealcoat® has good resistance and can endure mechanical loading without losing its original properties.

The consistently high quality levels that are a characteristic of all Incafin nv produts, with an in-house quality check on every batch, provide an optimal quality guarantee. We also ensure that our customers receive the technical advice they need after detailed consultation with our staff. This close cooperation makes sure that you get the right advice and yields a long-lasting result.

Durability and economic aspects of Sealcoat®.
Sealcoat®’s short appication time and rapid hardening is a key advantage of this system and makes it possible to protect building constructions insite the very briefest of time limits. Sealcoat® can be used after 1 hour hardening time in all cicumstances, with the exception of direct high chemical and/or mechanical loading. The hardening process continues during the first few days, until a complete cross-linking is achieved. Once this sateg is completed, Sealcoat®is fully ready for any loading with chemical agents.

After application, a ” Certificate of conformity of sealing work” can be supplied valid for a period of five years.

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